Artist Bio

My name is Ryan Bock, I am a multimedia visual artist, animator and film-maker. I am proficient in painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, cartooning, puppetry and stop-motion/hand drawn animation. My work is generally devoid of all computer or digital tampering, as I feel the computer removes me as a maker from the act of creation. I prefer a hand crafted, physical aesthetic where the material and objects themselves are emphasized. I am interested in not only collaboration with other visual artists but those practicing in other artistic fields (writers, musicians, dancers, film makers and performers).

Artist Statement

I develop work via ritual and a self-imposed trance like state; therefore I often refer to myself as a Shaman. Through these highly personalized techniques I attempt to examine the modern individuals relationship to fear, death and violence by virtue of their superstitions. I explore humanity’s relationship to nature, via ancient mythologies, religious iconography and symbolism. I am intrigued by the transformative quality of masks and the animation of inanimate or dead objects. My work as a whole thrives on a macabre prophetic ambience. I often use narrative as a means of forewarning of dangers I see standing in the path of humanity as a whole. Prophetic exponent of the future or delusional puppet suffering from paranoia, you be the judge.

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