Ryan Bock

Ryan Bock is a multimedia visual artist, animator and film-maker working and living in Brooklyn.

I develop work via ritual and a self-imposed trance like state; therefore I often refer to myself as a Shaman. Through these highly personalized techniques I attempt to examine the modern individuals relationship to fear, death and violence by virtue of their superstitions. I explore humanity’s relationship to nature, via ancient mythologies, religious iconography and symbolism. I am intrigued by the transformative quality of masks and the animation of inanimate or dead objects. My work as a whole thrives on a macabre prophetic ambience. I often use narrative as a means of forewarning of dangers I see standing in the path of humanity as a whole. Prophetic exponent of the future or delusional puppet suffering from paranoia, you be the judge.




Art Release Therapy 3, Third Eye(sol)ation Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Kunstkammer, Apostrophe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Silver Door 2, Hoover Dam, Brooklyn, NY
Check 1-A Rap Gallery, Gallery 69, Manhattan, NY
People’s Choice Spring Fling, The Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Why So Serious?, Weeknights Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Silver Door, Hoover Dam, Brooklyn, NY
Vis-a-Vis Project, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY
Spectratone 2, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL
Spectratone 1, Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago, IL
Common Thread, Passion House Coffee Roaster, Chicago, IL
2nd Annual Butter Elbow Animation Festival, SAIC, Chicago, IL
BFA Show, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Shamanistic Tendencies, Solo Show, Apostrophe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Bring a Light Wrap, Academy of Fine Art Prague, Prague, CZ
Listen/Naslouchat, 30 Gallery, Prague, CZ


Member Show, Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY
Ugly Step Sister Gallery, Chicago, IL
Virgin Sacrifice, Deer Head Gallery, Chicago, IL


Video: Gabriel Garzón-Montano – “Keep on Running”, Pigeons and Planes, May 2014

Video: Salomon Faye – “Quest”, Pigeons and Planes, January 2014